Wednesday, January 28

Lettering in progress

So, I am working on my calendar lettering-having alot of fun with this. Here's months of the year and a few of my days of the week styles so far. Interestingly, I am simultaneously designing a big book project at Penguin, creating a book about birthdays---there's a page for everyday of the year. So I guess my brain has been completely wrapped around dates and numbers these last few weeks! Here's hoping it might help me keep better track of time! ha!

Monday, January 19

Lettering project

At the start of the year, I bought a very cool little 2009 daily planner--An Artful Agenda -- that I found on Etsy. It's filled with all kinds of fun handlettering and small b&w spot illos. I inquired about it when purchasing from the designer--and now am going to be doing some lettering and art for the 2010 planner! Plus, some other work for future projects the designer has in the works. I'll post some of my sketches as they come along.

Sunday, January 11


This is a small personal piece I did, inspired by my first trip to New Orleans last year. I based this off a photo I took-I loved how iconic the beads hanging over the lamp post are!

Here's the photo: