Monday, August 25

Counting Sheep

Sketched some lettering and this little sheep about a year ago (when I was going through some stuff and feeling like a "little lost sheep" actually) Anyway, always kind of liked it, so finally dug it out of an old sketchbook, did a lino cut of the sheep & printed it on a textured board, scanned it all and have been playing with it, adding texture and color digitally. Here's 2 of them.
I'm realizing with just a couple elements I can make endless little pieces of art and have hours of fun!! So, I think I'll continue with this....maybe make a new sheep every day! (or at least week!) I'm interested also in starting to explore some new venues for my artwork. Maybe packaging/products/licensing, etc. Also playing with the idea of opening an shop where I could sell handmade books and notecards, etc.--so I feel like this type of project can be a good segway into that realm....

Sunday, August 24

unexpected exposure...

So I happened to find my work posted on some random blogs. Kind of cool, though some of them are foreign & I have no idea what they say!! Ha! But I can see there are links and images from other illustrators I really like, so I suppose it's a good thing....Not sure how I feel about my work being that easy to rip off my website, but then again at this point, I am ok with the exposure, and all the images are too low res for anyone to use them in print.

just interesting to see what's out there and who's actually looking at my work :)

Saturday, August 9

Baby Announcement (project!)

I just got a small freelance job for an illustration for a baby announcement--a woman who lives in my friend's building hired me--and she had a definite concept in mind. Her and her husband are big runners, apparently, and thought this would be pretty funny.

(I sort of think a baby in running shoes looks a little silly, but maybe that's just me!)