Sunday, August 24

unexpected exposure...

So I happened to find my work posted on some random blogs. Kind of cool, though some of them are foreign & I have no idea what they say!! Ha! But I can see there are links and images from other illustrators I really like, so I suppose it's a good thing....Not sure how I feel about my work being that easy to rip off my website, but then again at this point, I am ok with the exposure, and all the images are too low res for anyone to use them in print.

just interesting to see what's out there and who's actually looking at my work :)


  1. Hola!

    Por casualidad he podido ver que haces referencia a mi blog "Recogedor", desde esta entrada, pero al no entender bien tu idioma (solo con traductores en internet), no me ha quedado claro si te ha molestado el que recoja algunas de tus imágenes en mi blog, si es así solo tienes que decírmelo y las retirare.

    Como habrás observado últimamente en mi blog me dedico a recoger sobre todo ilustradores que como tu me llaman la atención por lo original y diferente de su trabajo, los tuyos en concreto me gustan mucho.

    Saludos y que todo te vaya bien.

  2. Hey,.. stealing is flattery ain't it?

  3. Same thing happened to me. A 3am google search of your own name will discover wonders. I guess as long as no one is profiting, I can call it flattering.

    I just wish I spoke spanish well enough to know if it was a positive or negative review.