Sunday, July 13

Baby Book samples

A few months ago, my Art Director suggested me as an artist for a book assignment--a novelty/gift type to be published by an adult division of Penguin, that would be geared toward expecting parents with a child who is not particularly looking forward to that new sibling. It was meant to be funny, sarcastic and quirky, and I submitted these samples to be considered for the project:

I didn't get chosen to do the book, but I was up against some really great and experienced illustrators. So I was happy to even be considered, and the editor and my art director both had positive reactions to this work, so I may try to develop some more portfolio pieces in this style, and geared toward this kind of market.

Sunday, July 6

The Big One

My most recent work was a large painting commissioned by a friend's husband to surprise her. This was super-exciting to me, as I'd never really painted very large scale but always had wanted to try. Also, I was flattered that he liked the work on my website so much he wanted an original, and that it was something I could do for a friend.

He wanted it based on a photo from their Florida-beach wedding. But, I don't do much portrait work, so likenesses are a bit challenging for me, and I didn't want it to come off cheesy. But I had alot of fun working out the composition-I worked full size. This is how it started:

But I wasn't happy with the shapes and layout, so I did a second sketch:

And basically combined elements I liked in both.

I played with the texture/swirly design in the background as a way to tie it together and add something to the empty space, but it made everything look much too busy once I got into adding color, so I took them out.

And, this is the final outcome:

It's interesting to me how much things changed in the course of the painting.

And, there were some challenges overall being the first time I worked this large scale. The logistics of getting the materials, rearranging my small space to work, and packing/shipping such a large box down to Florida--they were definitely all learning experiences!

BUT- my friend totally really loves how it came out. So, he's a happy client! :)
I actually have another commission from the same friend--but I am keeping it a little smaller (24 x 24) and am going to take a more graphic approach, as all he told me he wanted was some kind of "heart-theme). So, I am starting to get some sketches going for that one and hope to be able to finish that one up much more quickly than this one.

the start of something good.....

So, even though I've never really been a fan of "blogging" or reading other people's blogs, (because, let's face it, aren't all of our lives entirely too busy to care about the mundane little daily going-ons of someone else's life?...haha) I've decided to start this blog about the development of my artwork.

I've been inspired to do this after attending ICON5 (the national illustration conference) this weekend. I'm re-energized about developing my art and pushing it further; and using experimentation of process, technique, and materials to do that. I hope this blog will be able to serve as a platform to share that journey with others, and to be able to get reaction and feedback on new things I try. But, more so, I intend this blog to become a personal diary or sketchbook for recording the exploration of my work and creating a conversation with myself about where I am heading.

So, if you are interested, thanks for reading and check back often to see what I'm working on. I am aiming to add new work every Sunday. Thanks!