Sunday, July 6

the start of something good.....

So, even though I've never really been a fan of "blogging" or reading other people's blogs, (because, let's face it, aren't all of our lives entirely too busy to care about the mundane little daily going-ons of someone else's life?...haha) I've decided to start this blog about the development of my artwork.

I've been inspired to do this after attending ICON5 (the national illustration conference) this weekend. I'm re-energized about developing my art and pushing it further; and using experimentation of process, technique, and materials to do that. I hope this blog will be able to serve as a platform to share that journey with others, and to be able to get reaction and feedback on new things I try. But, more so, I intend this blog to become a personal diary or sketchbook for recording the exploration of my work and creating a conversation with myself about where I am heading.

So, if you are interested, thanks for reading and check back often to see what I'm working on. I am aiming to add new work every Sunday. Thanks!

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