Sunday, May 31

New book cover

Just finished a YA book cover assignment for Egmont Publishing. This has to be my favorite job I have done so far--mostly becasue it's my dream: I created the concept, design, illustration and hand-lettering! Plus, I got to also design the interior, which allowed for some line art also. I really had so much creative freedom with developing the package as a whole, and I even got to do some marketing materials for it. (Plus, it's a super-cute story!) This will be published in December of this year.

Saturday, May 30

more fruits!

I had a couple more pieces assigned from the advertising agency I did work for last month:

These have been really fun, and have made a nice little body of work. My fingers are crossed they may have packaging or other promotional needs down the line for this product!

Thursday, May 7

Inspiration is oozing!

I just got back from my 2nd trip to New Orleans for Jazzfest--was hard to believe I could fall even more in love with that city than I did last year on my first visit-but it's true! I have never been to a more inspiring place! (though living in NYC is inspirational everyday...) The music is the best I've ever heard, the food is the best I've ever eaten, the colors the most vivid I've ever seen, and the culture-is just completely unique! My friend and I took about 400 photos over 5 days-and I have come back feeling so inspired to create! Here's a few pics that captured some of the arts and culture I found most vividly stimulating. My brain is swarming with new ideas for some personal stay tuned for new projects!

Many updates!

There are so many new things to update! It's been hard to keep up...Freelance design & illustration jobs have been rolling non-stop (hooray!) but I'm learning what a hectic juggle that is with a full-time gig. (and how little time it leaves for blogging and promotion...and sleep!) But I have been working on a lot of really fun stuff, and plan to update my website soon with lots of new things.

I've wrapped up the Artful Agenda project--this was such a great opportunity to explore hand-lettering styles pretty extensively, as I ended up doing the entire 2010 planner, including days, months, numbers, holidays, quotes, and text blocks of artist bios. I have already posted most of the artwork that will be included--here's a sampling of how some of the lettering and icons turned out:

I'll be continuing on with a few other Artful Agenda projects-including an address book, and really looking forward to it as this one has been so fun!

I'm currently working on designing and illustrating a YA novel cover for Egmont. It's still in the works so I wont be posting anything until it's approved, but they've also asked me to do the art & design for some promotional items for the book-I'm very excited to have a project where I get to sink my teeth into the entire package as a whole!