Sunday, May 31

New book cover

Just finished a YA book cover assignment for Egmont Publishing. This has to be my favorite job I have done so far--mostly becasue it's my dream: I created the concept, design, illustration and hand-lettering! Plus, I got to also design the interior, which allowed for some line art also. I really had so much creative freedom with developing the package as a whole, and I even got to do some marketing materials for it. (Plus, it's a super-cute story!) This will be published in December of this year.


  1. nice! i like your silhouetted scenes -very whimsical. you should do a whole series of silhouetted frolicking girls! you can tell you had fun doing it. great work, j9!!!

  2. AWESOME! Is this the project you worked on with Rebecca's client? I love it. Congrats on the Alt Pick spotlight as well. Your work is inspiring me!