Monday, June 1

new work

I'm going to be in the "Artist spotlight" on next week, and decided to use this as an opp to make some new work. This was a black and white drawing I had done for the Artful Agenda calendar--I added color traditionally and scanned in some textures that I lino-printed to create this. I'd like to continue to make work in this vein. I recently had a conversation with a co-designer who is very strong in working with illustrators on middle-grade book covers; she suggested I try to market myself a little more clearly to clients serving a middle-grade girl audience, as my style and subject matter lend to this and there is actually a good need for it in the industry (at least in books...) I am pretty excited about the idea!

If youd like to read my interview on Altpick, it will be on from June 7-10.

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