Thursday, February 26

New drawing

Another image I submitted for the calendar project-I always loved this quote, and the designer allows for quote-inspired images to face the calendar pages in the Artful Agenda.

Monday, February 16

More Artful Agenda art

Here's a few more of the illos I submitted to be included in the Artful Agenda calendar. I actually used this as an opportunity to revisit some old sketches, textures, and patterns I've created previously for past projects, or just for fun, and to challenge myself to combine or use them in a different way. I've been having a great time working on this project! The calendar will be available on the designer's Etsy shop late this year.

Wednesday, February 11

Artful Agenda Illustration

Here's the first of a few illustrations I am submitting for the Artful Agenda/calendar project. I'm hoping the designer will use this as a spread for a spring time week, and I included the weekdays lettered in the shape of raindrops. All the art is to be greyscale for this project--but I may revisit this girl later and add some color as a personal piece.