Thursday, May 7

Many updates!

There are so many new things to update! It's been hard to keep up...Freelance design & illustration jobs have been rolling non-stop (hooray!) but I'm learning what a hectic juggle that is with a full-time gig. (and how little time it leaves for blogging and promotion...and sleep!) But I have been working on a lot of really fun stuff, and plan to update my website soon with lots of new things.

I've wrapped up the Artful Agenda project--this was such a great opportunity to explore hand-lettering styles pretty extensively, as I ended up doing the entire 2010 planner, including days, months, numbers, holidays, quotes, and text blocks of artist bios. I have already posted most of the artwork that will be included--here's a sampling of how some of the lettering and icons turned out:

I'll be continuing on with a few other Artful Agenda projects-including an address book, and really looking forward to it as this one has been so fun!

I'm currently working on designing and illustrating a YA novel cover for Egmont. It's still in the works so I wont be posting anything until it's approved, but they've also asked me to do the art & design for some promotional items for the book-I'm very excited to have a project where I get to sink my teeth into the entire package as a whole!

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